Further Transparency From The Church Is Good

I wish the church had taken steps earlier to be more transparent, but I am glad they are moving in that direction now. Trying to stay focused only on “faith promoting” history only can be a recipe for disaster in the internet and social media age. I compare it to talking with my kids about the church. I certainly don’t focus on being critical, but I want them to know truth without too much sheltering and I want them to hear things from me, not just their friends or social media.

It’s like not talking to your daughter about sex because it is a difficult subject and speaking to them only about modesty, abstinence and morality, then leaving those girls to struggle with sex for the rest of their lives with their husbands. It’s a disservice to them (you and I both know this happens all the time).

“I teach them correct principles, and they govern themselves.”- Joseph Smith


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