Joseph Smith & The Gospel of John- Video

At the 2013 BYU Church History Symposium, Nicholas Frederick outlines an “undeniable” argument that Joseph Smith had an in-depth understanding from supernatural sources of the Gospel of John and that he used the gospel in much of his writing and teachings.

One such example is in D&C 93:12-14 which is an “expansion” on the prologue to the Gospel of John. In true Joseph Smith style, the John of the D&C plunges us into a doctrine of human progression. Here Jesus, our ultimate example, grows spiritually through a process. In verse 12 we see His growth is earned,  “He received not of the fulness at the first, but received grace for grace”. In fact, we learn that this is the very reason he was given the title Son of God, “because he received not of the fulness at first.” So our greatest example is one who had to go through the growth of mortality and who had to grow spiritually just as we must in order to receive “a fulness”.

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Joseph Smith & The Gospel of John


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