Joseph Smith and the Ancient World- Church History Symposium- Videos

Great information on Joseph Smith and his fascination with the ancient world. This is one of my favorite topics. Be sure to at least watch both Richard Bushman addresses. The video quality is not the best, but some of the content is excellent!


The Academic Study of Antiquity in Antebellum America


To the Most Learned Men of this Generation: Martin Harris and His Visits East, 1828


“Git Them Translated”: Joseph Smith, Ancient Characters, and Translating the Plates


Joseph Smith’s Relationships to Hermeticism and Masonry


Joseph Smith’s Reading of Jewish Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha


What has Palmyra to do with Jerusalem? Joseph Smith and the Writings of Flavius Josephus


Joseph Smith and Early Christian Apocrypha


Joseph Smith and the Early Church Fathers


Joseph Smith and Native American Artifacts


Joseph Smith and the Ruins: Central American Archaeology and Early Views about the Book of Mormon


The Prophet, His Contemporaries, and the Ancients: Prophethood and the Past in Comparative Perspective


Joseph Smith and the Bible


Joseph Smith and the Gospel of John


Joseph Smith and 19th c. Biblical Commentaries






Joseph Smith’s Awareness of Greek & Latin




Joseph Smith & Ancient Egypt


Joseph Smith & Egyptian Artifacts




Wentworth Letter,1842