Colombian Cocaine- Another Example of Losing The War on Drugs

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Rocks of crack cocaine (Wikimedia Commons)

“If you’re looking at the piece of Plan Colombia that was about drug trafficking and eradicating coca, that did not work”

This is yet another example of how The War on Drugs is being lost. Colombian cocaine exports to the US are at an all-time high! No pun intended. But seriously, who has an answer to this? The answer is not more jail time for users. That is a fallacy that helps make a lot of voters feel better about themselves while ruining lives. Somehow, someway, there fight has to be brought to the suppliers, the distributors, and of course to strengthening families and individuals and arming them against these life derailing obstacles we call “drugs”.

15 Years and $10 Billion Later, U.S. Efforts to Curb Colombia’s Cocaine Trade Have Failed

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