Going “Ape” Over Evolution in Our Schools

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Galileo Facing the Roman Inquisition, Wikimedia Commons

“My personal belief is there’s no conflict between truth in religion and truth in science,” he said. “The conflicts come from false religion and false science.”

I don’t know that a “Darwin Day” is smart. That would be a very “loaded” and politicized title.

Can we stop monkeying around? This article brings up so many tragic issues. First, the history of trying to eliminate the teaching of evolution in public schools is an overture of nothing less than fundamentalism. It is hard to understand the push back coming from legislators (these are members of the church) or anyone for that matter, on teaching science in our public schools. Granted, local schools should be able to choose their own curriculum no matter what it is. Even if it is creationism without a hint of evolution. We don’t need a federal government telling our teachers what to teach, right?! But coming from a position of friendly persuasion, please teach the kids evolution. It is the science of our time.

As a member of the church, if you disagree with such evils as organic evolution being taught in school (and in Mesa of all places!), consider this- BYU teaches it, with the full approval of its Board of Trustees, made up of the First Presidency and seven of the Apostles.

In the article, State Senator David Farnsworth from Mesa states, “When I was growing up in Mesa, I was taught in school the evolution theory that my ancestors came from monkeys,” Farnsworth said. “Personally, I was offended by that theory, especially when you consider that I hold a deep-seated belief in creationism.” Offended? This is what every agenda-driven special interest group claims. “This offends me so let’s make policy or law that does not allow anyone to teach this anymore.” Or something like that. Frankly, I would have to consider pulling my kids from such a school. And that’s OK. I should have a choice of where my kids go to school and the curriculum that they will learn. Parents should be involved enough in their kids’ education that they can talk to them, whichever side they are on, and teach them according to their own conscience in the home that either God created us or we come from apes. Or something in between I suppose.

Of course this does come from Mesa, AZ. and is maybe to be expected and those who live there should have the choice of what is taught in their schools, but the seminary building is across the street, you know?


Mesa Legislator Opposes Tempe Lawmaker’s “Darwin Day” Resolution


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