Is There an Israelite Sanctuary at Nephi’s Bountiful?

Solomon's Temple, LDS, Mormon, Khor Kharfot, Bountiful

Solomon’s Temple (Wikimedia Commons)

This is a fascinating article. Regardless of whether there is real evidence for a Lehite civilization at Khor Kharfot, any ancient sanctuary, Hebrew or not, can help us learn more about the ancient Jews ant the ancient temple. If however this does turnout to be an Israelite temple, then it is a goldmine for ancient Jewish studies. Of course the real “holy grail” here is evidence of a Lehite stay here.

First, if this is a Hebrew temple, we can learn so many things. The description of the “weeping rock” is intriguing and offers numerous paths of possible scriptural understanding. More information specifically on the rock will be exciting.

Secondly, the thought of the Lehites building or using a temple here creates a whole new layer of understanding Bountiful. Was there a Hebrew temple here before they arrived? And if so, was this always, or at some point in their journey their known destination in Arabia? Would the Lehites have built this temple? Would there be parallels to the Book of Mormon description of Nephi’s ship building as with Noah’s ark?

We’ll stay up on this and offer context and parallels to these findings.


Is There an Israelite Sanctuary at Nephi’s Bountiful (Khor Kharfot)?

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