Omani Gov Gives Permission for Dig at Khor Kharfot

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Khor Kharfot from the Coast

“You have not come all this way and expense to study frankincense trade? We know what has been happening at Khor Kharfot. If you do not respond to this question our interview will be immediately terminated.”

I don’t know if this is Nephi’s Bountiful or not, but it seems to be one of only a few possible candidates. Khor Kharfot is on the Omani coast and has many of the characteristics found in the Nephi’s description of Bountiful. The old world has always held more immediate promise for historical, cultural and archaeological support for the Book of Mormon than the new world.

The article mentions that, based on previous visits, there is a place of worship that is similar in size and measurements to Solomon’s temple. The Omani government also knows exactly why the archaeological team is there. In fact, that the team was looking for Book of Mormon evidence was apparently exactly what they wanted to hear.

Before we assume that there was a Hebrew place of worship at Khor Kharfot however, we need to remember that similar measurements and the study of architecture and numbers were very important to many civilizations and they shared many of their numerical meanings across civilizations in their buildings. Of course it will be very interesting to hear about the team’s findings. Best of luck to them.

Omani Government Gives Permission for Mormon Dig at Khor Kharfot

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