On the Tragic Youth Suicides of Some Members

“I don’t care what you think of the policy or the way it was leaked. I don’t care what you think about whether or not the policy is inspired. I don’t care if you blame the Brethren or celebrate them for sticking to their doctrinal guns. I don’t care because your opinion—my opinion, all our opinions—don’t help the parents standing over their children’s graves.”


This is a welcome tone and approach to this LGBT issue in the church. Christlike at its core. I don’t know if the numbers are correct on how many young LGBT members are taking their own lives. Relying on a Facebook post and then repeatedly putting that “data” in writing does not make it real. But who knows, maybe it is. The point of the post is not your stance on the issue, but the love for the kids and their families.


Numbers Tell The Story

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