The Curses of Azazel

Scapegoat, Day of Atonement

Sending Out The Scapegoat ,Wikimedia Commons


This is a well thought out paper comparing Leviticus 15, Zechariah, I Enoch with the Apocalypse of Abraham and puts them all into the backdrop of The Day of Atonement. I thought the references to  “curses” of the Day of Atonement rite in these examples was instructive. Of course there are many examples in all of the scriptures which reference this sacred ritual including some of the most well known chapters of scripture.

Learning more about ancient rituals, especially The Day of Atonement, can only help in our understanding of scripture and gospel principles and provide context for the temple experience as well. Lots of context.


The_Curses_of_Azazel, Andrei Orlov- pdf

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