What? The Church Blames Women For Rape? No

You’ve got to love it when a group, like Mormons, are portrayed ignorantly. In this Christian Today article Mormons are portrayed as teaching and accepting, until just recently by some, that women deserve rape because of bad behavior or immodesty. Can you imagine a Mormon father teaching this to his daughter? It would be laughable if it wasn’t such a disgusting assertion. Of course there are always exceptions and every group has its bad apples.

Mormon women are not taught, “it was deserved or such women had it coming”. That is, of course, abhorrent. Adding hyperbole or misdirection to the needed help of victims of sexual abuse does not help their case nor does it help prevent future cases. Instead, it detracts from the tragic truth.

Also, this article frames sexual purity and modesty in as if they are old-fashioned principles brought to our modern culture by a slave-driving “patriarchy”. These are good principles. Though modesty is way overplayed in our church (by which I mean its placed as a value higher than more important values because it is the easy, measurable thing to teach), it is still an important value to follow. You know, the body is a temple thing, and yes, men do want to look at bare female skin. That is their natural state. And yes, it is a distraction. You can ignore that, but it doesn’t change the fact. And sexual purity is a good thing also and is a good principle to teach. A woman who has been sexually assaulted is no less pure than before the assault happened. And some of us certainly do not live up to the ideals of sexual purity. But that doesn’t mean we get rid of teaching the principle. The Lord doesn’t get rid of it.

It’s time to change Mormon teachings blaming women for being raped, some believers say


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