Eden as Bountiful- Video

A video to compliment a previous post on a Biblical Hebrew scholar translating Eden as “Bountiful”.

Eden as “Bountiful”


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Eden as “Bountiful”


Alright so a couple years ago I was reading a

book by Sione Zev it called what really

happened in the Garden of Eden

doctors Evatt is a expert at Biblical

Hebrew he got his master’s and his

doctorate at Berkeley he wrote something

very interesting I’m going through the

chapter 7 in the book and all of a

sudden I see the term bountiful so let

me let me just quote what he says here I

want to read this to you he says since

the name Eden itself evoked the image of

an agriculturally productive area it is

not surprising that the word appears in

the name of another locale he’s talking

about an area in then Arum an Aramaic

area called Beth Eden which is era in

Aramaic which means the house of Eden

but he takes it a couple of levels

deeper in its meaning and he says it is

not surprising that the word appears in

the name of another locale the Prophet

Amos refers to a kingdom called Beth

Eden in Hebrew or bait Eden it’s part of

a coalition of Aramaic speaking groups

centered in Damascus and this is found

in the Book of Amos is found in the book

of second Kings and it’s found in the

Book of Isaiah he says this place is

identified with Beth Eden a

kingdom located on both sides of the

Euphrates it’s name translates as house

of bounty and then he takes it one level

deeper and he says the garden was

planted in a place called bountiful so

pretty fascinating that he comes up with

the term the exact term bountiful so

when we think about bountiful in the

Book of Mormon in the southern tip of

Arabia where Lee heights stopped for a

while before they take off in the bow

in the boat and then of course in the

Americas where of course the temple is

built and where Christ eventually comes

to bountiful and the temple ad bountiful

or Eden the City of Eden so I don’t know

if the actual place names there would

have been even for Nephi and Lehi but in

in a sense it’s the same idea as Eden

and here we have an expert in Biblical

Hebrew that tells us that Eden actually

means bountiful so kind of got it right

I think I think Joseph Smith got it

right with the term bountiful in the

Book of Mormon

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Blog Post

Ziony Zevit calls Eden, “Bountiful”


  1. I was browsing Zevit’s book myself, came across his reference to Eden a “Bountiful,” and all sorts of Book of Mormon bells started dinging in my head. I didn’t think anybody had hit on this before, but a quick Google search, and here I am finding you beat me to it!
    I think this needs a lot more exploration in relation to the Book of Mormon.

    • Thanks for reaching out. I had the same experience. It puts some perspective on the naming of the Arabian Bountiful and the ‘Sermon at the Temple’ Bountiful. Temple locations, maybe even both of them.

      I’ll reach out another time on a couple of previous Book of Mormon Central articles. Thanks again!

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