The Fiery Darts of Lehi’s Dream

This video gives an explanation of the imagery of the Fiery Darts in Lehi’s Dream comparing them to the Cherubim and the Flaming Sword of the Garden of Eden as well as the Fiery Serpents that attacked the Children of Israel while wandering in the desert.

The Fiery Darts of Lehi’s Dream


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“The Fiery Darts” of Lehi’s Dream


I want to talk a little bit about the

about Lehi’s vision Lehi’s dream is

this usually referred to one of the

parts of the dream has to do with what

Nephi says is the fiery darts of the

adversary I’ve spoken to a number of

people about this in the past and

usually the imagery that comes up and

and what you might see in paintings and


yeah are our darts that are actually on

fire kind of like Greek fire that are

being shot at you as you try and move

toward the Tree of Life

but I want to give a different idea of

what I believe this probably means first

of all I want you to think of Lehigh’s

dream more as a mirror image of the

Garden of Eden

I believe that’s what is happening and

that’s what Lehi and Nephi saw is kind

of a mirror image of what’s happening in

in the in the Genesis story so you have

Adam that and Eve that that fall out

from paradise and in a sense this is a

vision also right because we don’t have

the very beginning of Genesis in the

Bible but we do have it in the Book of

Moses and we see in the Book of Moses

that Moses goes up to the mountaintop

and he starts seeing a vision and part

of that vision is the creation so this

is not something where he’s being shown

where he’s writing down history he’s

seeing a vision of principles that will

be used in the temple and after he comes

back down from this he then builds the

tabernacle and the tabernacle is

completely built around the creation

story and so as they have fallen down

through the creation story and the

the Garden of Eden story

Lehi’s dream is kind of moving on

their way back

so Lehigh previously or later on in

second Nephi 2 he says Adam fell that

man might be so that’s the Genesis story

and men are that they might have joy

bringing them back up to the Tree of

Life well this is the second half of

that Lehigh’s vision is the second half

of that it’s that men may have joy and

this is how they do it so both of those

visions have a tree of life in them one

they have fallen away from in Genesis

and in the Garden of Eden story and one

we’re here in Lehigh’s vision where

they’re on their way back to the to the

to the Tree of Life

now there’s something that’s interesting

that happens in the creation story and

that is that when they have partaken of

the fruit God puts cherubim which means

which is a plural of cherubs or Caribes

in front of the Tree of Life and with

them is a flaming sword or a sort of

light or a fire that it stands in front

of them and really the real

interpretation of that in Hebrew is a

sword that swivels on fire in every

direction and so what you have there is

a guardian that’s what it is it’s a

guardian that keeps Adam and Eve keeps

all of us away from the Tree of Life now

why would God do that why is that in

place well the reason is is because we

have to be judged and the cherubim are

guardians of justice and they are the

sword of fire if you will that they have

is a sword of justice it cuts both ways

both good and bad depending on how we

act in this life and so fire and

something that cuts are associated with

judgment in the Genesis story and we get

on the flip side of that over to

Lehigh’s vision and really what we have

is the same thing and yes it’s the fiery

darts if you will are from the adversary

but they are really sent to us as

judgment for our decisions they’re

blocking us from the Tree of Life

because all of us make bad decisions and

all of us fall under this judgment and

so these temptations that come at us

through these darts and think of the

darts not as arrows even but as darts

shorter darts that are that are shot at

you or if you think of the Amazons these

are blown – blow darts that are blow a

shot at you then you have an imagery of

something that they aren’t on fire but

they’re poisonous so the fire the fiery

darts is is something that would be

described as a poison or a poisoned Dart

and you think about judgment and if

you’re hit with one of these darts the

effects of it are that you’re going to

be sick the effects of it are that

you’re going to be poisoned and the

poison is having fallen to the

temptation and this is in a sense

they’re being shot at you as you move

toward the tree you’ve got to be able to

get past them and it tells us that we

have to be able to hang on to the rod of

iron in order to not have the effects of

the fiery darts hold to keep us from the

tree of life another story that’s very

important with this and that really

describes what fiery darts would mean is

the story of the brazen serpent and

Moses you recall as the children of

Israel are out in the desert and they

are wandering around they start to

murmur just like Laman and Lemuel they

start to murmur

and they start to put down if you will

complain against God against God and his

servant Moses and we’re told in the book

of Newton numbers that that God then

sends forth fiery serpents fiery

serpents well these are poisonous

serpents and they’ve been bitten but the

bite isn’t what’s going to kill them the

bite is judgment the bite is judgment is

the effect of that it is the poison that

is going to affect them and if they

don’t look toward the brazen serpent

that is raised up by Moses which

represents Christ then they will not be

healed and they are going to die the

poison is going to affect them and kill

them and so here you have brazen our

fiery serpents that are poisonous

serpents and the Hebrew term for that is

seraphim you may have heard of the

Seraphim they are very similar to the

cherubim and they are protectors the

snake is has a duality of purpose of

meaning one is a very positive godly

wise purpose and a healer a rejuvenator

a symbol of Resurrection as is Christ

and he is the brazen serpent the copper

serpent and the other is a negative it

is cunning not wise it is is a cunning

animal and it is a poisonous animal and

it represents guarding us from getting

to our Heavenly Father back to the

celestial room back to the celestial

kingdom back to being with our Heavenly

Father and becoming like our Savior and

so the Serpent’s our guardians are

pushing us back and how do they do that

they are there they

bite and they poison you and the only

way past that is to look to Christ it’s

the same thing with Lehigh’s dream the

exact same thing is that you’re going to

be shot by the darts and you’re going to

be they’re poisonous and they’re going

to affect you and the only way that you

can get past that is to look forward to

the Tree of Life which is Christ and

hang on to the rod of iron it’s

interesting I was just reading a book

called the cosmic serpent and in the in

in this in in part of the story the

author is a man who had gone down into

the Amazon jungle and had wanted to

learn more about the shaman’s and how

there they practices there their visions

and different things but one thing he

was doing is these following one of

these guys through the Amazon jungle

away from a village that they were just

at and they’re 300 yards or so away from

the village after they’ve left it and

the guide reaches down to his to his

calf and kind of yells a little bit and

the author who’s behind him thinks that

he’s been bitten by a snake well

coincidentally it wasn’t a snake it was

a dart somebody from the village had

followed them and shot them with a dart

and the dart he ended up getting sick

why because the dart had poison on it

and so this is that you can see in this

imagery in this perfect example of a

snake biting you and a dart hitting you

and both are poisonous and both can

hold you back from returning to our

Heavenly Father so that is the

parallelism of the fiery darts the fiery


with Moses and the cherubim with the

flaming sword

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