Come Follow Me LDS- Ye Must Be Born Again- Pt 2- John 3-4

Water, Women and Weddings

– The ‘King’ who is Born from the Holy of Holies through the veil.

– Mary as ‘The Throne’

– Being born again of water AND the Spirit.

– Ancient marriage scene of Jesus and the Woman at the Well.


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  1. I recently discovered Greg Matsen and this podcast. This is just what I have been looking for – no fluff, all meat. So far he sticks to the script (scriptures) and doesn’t go off into the mysteries or throw in his own interpretation. Sometimes he will add something of interest as he goes along. Thank you Greg. Oh, and I love the drums at the beginning of the podcast. (Who is that?)

    • Thanks for the comment and for listening. I’ll try to stick to the meat! I also looked for something like this podcast and couldn’t find it, so my wife made me do one. I appreciate the feedback!

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