Do Jews, Muslims & Christians Worship The Same God? Ask Ammon!

A few years ago, a professor at a Christian University was fired for wearing a hijab and saying that Muslims and Christians worshiped the same god.

Ammon works his way through an interfaith dialogue.


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Do Jews, Muslims, & Christians Worship the Same God?


so here’s a question for you do Muslims

and Christians and Jews worship the same

God something to really think about

certainly we each have different ideas

in this Abrahamic tradition as different

Abrahamic branches of who God is and

what he represents Christ definitely is

a difference maker from Judaism and mum

and Islam where we believe that Christ

was divine and is the savior of the

world there are other characteristics

and other differences in the way that

each of us worship and the things that

we worship about but there are also a

lot of similarities a few years ago

something happened that that made me

really think about this there was a

female professor at Wheaton College now

Wheaton is a Christian University it’s

been called by some the Harvard of

Christian universities and she wore a

hijab basically in solidarity with the

Muslims and along with that claimed that

Christians and Muslims worship the same

God and she was fired from Wheaton

College of course it’s a private

university and if this doesn’t go along

with their religion and what

they the rules of the university then

that’s obviously a problem what they’re

trying to teach I think a lot of us

would think that way about say for

example BYU and if there’s too much of a

a teaching that’s going on that’s

outside of what the gospel preaches then

there might be an issue there and that’s

happened before but she was fired and

the National Review wrote an article

about this but with one of their more

popular columnist David French about

what had happened here and the

title of the of the article was


and Muslims do not worship the same God

and that really made me think okay well

I guess we don’t but kind of we do do

they believe in the Creator do they

believe in a higher power do they

believe in being responsible to this God

a couple things that I might bring up

about this quickly first of all as a

Mormon as a Latter-day Saint I’ve been

told by other Christians that I don’t

worship the same God even though I say I

worship Jesus Christ and I believe that

he is the savior of the world and that

he resurrected on the third day and that

he is divine I I’m told still even then

that I don’t worship the same God so

even as you narrow it down within

Christian traditions between a creedal

Christian and a latter-day saint you

could still have especially coming from

the Credo Christian side I’m saying that

the Latter day Saints do not worship the

same God that they do I’ve seen that

written many times as well but a couple

of things to consider on this I’ve gone

back and looked at this and researched

this a little bit and if you just peek

behind the blinders a little bit into

other religious worship you’d see

that the Muslims the Muslim deity is

Allah and that is an Arabic term for God

and if you translate that that the term

Allah directly from Arabic it means the

God also Christians and Jews who were

Arabs or lived in Arabia or spoke Arabic

in pre Muslim times called got their God

Allah and so they were using the Arabic

for god these are Jews and

Christians and they called him Allah and

they still do today so if you have

Christians and Jewish Arabs that

speak Arabic they still call God Allah

they have the same root that Allah has

the same root to its to the word as l4

Elohim that we use the Canaanites had

the God el and other Mesopotamians

called their God el the Jews called

their God el at least sometimes and

especially previously or Elohim the gods

and so these all kind of go back to the

same term and I was reading shortly

after this in Alma chapter 18 and I

thought this was pretty interesting you

know setting this up this is where a man

goes to the Lamanites he wants to go out

and preach to the Lamanites and he’s

gone out he’s chopped off all the arms

taking care of King Lamoni sheep and

headed back and he’s out in the in the

stables taking care of the horses for

him and King Lamoni is astonished he

calls him in and he can’t speak for him

for to him for a long time he’s came

it’s because he’s afraid that he is

maybe the Great Spirit but this is what

he says it’s interesting now this was

the tradition of alimony and this is in

reference to asking about if he believes

in God because remember that the

Lamanites having broken off from the

Nephites they ended up with a different

religious tradition a lot of

similarities but a different religious

tradition and here’s the question again

did the Lamanites worship the same God

as the Nephites here’s how Alma

works through this or excuse me how

Amman works through this now this was

the tradition of Lamoni, which he had

received from his father

that there was a great spirit King

Lamoni did open his mouth and said unto

Him who art thou art thou this great

spirit talking to a man who knows all

things so this is a deity another

thing that would having that we would

all have in common that’s saying that

he’s omnipotent that this God knows all

things and Ammon then asks believe us

Val that there is a God and in Arabic

you would ask do you believe that there

is and Allah and he answered and said

unto Him I do not know what that meaneth

so he’s not sure exactly what you’re

saying in other words Allah God Jesus

we’re all using different terms or names

so whatever name maybe it’s el maybe

it’s Jehovah we’re not sure we don’t

know the term that Ammon is using here

but Lamoni says I’m not sure exactly

what you mean by that

and so it follows up here and says and

then Ammon said believe us now that

there is a great spirit so he is taking

whatever term he used for God and now he

is using Lamoni term for God and

certainly there are different practices

there are different beliefs there are

different traditions although there

would be a lot of similarities in their

festivals and their rights and their

rituals etc you would imagine but he

asks him believe us now that there is a

great spirit he’s using his alimonies

term and he said yay

and here’s Emmons response and Ammon

said this is God or he might have said

this is Jehovah or this is El probably

Jehovah this is Jehovah so really

interesting to think about this do

Muslims Jews and Christians worship the

same God

at least according to the way Amman

works through his interfaith

relationship he’s saying yes you call

him something I call him something else

but this is God and this is who I speak

of it’s an interesting point here we’ll

talk to you next time

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