Come Follow Me LDS- Mar 11-17 Pt 1, Matthew 10-11, These 12 Jesus Sent Forth

‘A Snitch, An Elias & A Yoke’

– How societies get family member to turn on each other.

– The Joseph Smith Doctrine of the Spirit of Elias and The Spirit of Elijah

– How Christ’s ‘Yoke’ really works.

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Come Follow Me LDS for Individuals and Families

Matthew 10-11

These 12 Jesus Sent Forth Pt 1

Cwic Media LDS, Mormon Podcast


  1. I really love what I am learning from this podcast. Do you have a written copy available?
    Thank you for helping me to understand the New Testament better.
    Marie Boblett

    • Within the next couple of weeks I will provide a transcript on the blog post for each episode. Since the style I am going with is unscripted, I have nothing written to begin with. But I can see the need to provide a transcript. Thank you for listening!

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