Come Follow Me LDS- Mar 18-24 Pt 2, Luke 8, 13

‘Secrets, Brooms & Jars’

– How we can keep goodness a secret at times

– A broom helps me out of ‘the mire’

– Jesus is restoring the Abrahamic Covenant


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“Who Hath Ears to Hear. . .” Part 2


alright I’m not going to cover much in

Chapter eight most of this has already

been covered in other lessons but

there’s one point I wanted to bring up

here Jesus here

Luke has him giving the parable of the

sower that we covered in the last

episode and right after talking about

the parable of the sower which is again

the gospel being put out there the seed

which is the Word of God being put out

in different places on the wayside on

the stony grounds among thorns and then

in good ground and so these different

experiences with accepting the gospel

and end with the word and I don’t think

that we shouldn’t look at that as

something that’s just accepted

immediately but something even for us

today if we’ve been in the church for a

long time how much do we accept

something new how much do we accept a

change is there still something we’re

struggling with and how where do we fall

along either the wayside or

on the stony places etc with something

specific in the gospel it’s good to know

that it’s good to know where we stand

but after he says that Jesus says the

following he says for nothing is secret

that shall not be made manifest

neither anything hid that shall not be

known and come abroad so basically look

if you are one that has fallen by the

wayside you’re the seed is on the

wayside and you’ve accepted the

gospel but you’re quickly as you open

the door to people in your life you’re

not going to let that light shine from the

gospel but you’re going to cover it up that

is not something that is just going to go

by the wayside that’s not something

that’s going to be unknown he’s putting


a principle here that I find is pretty

interesting and a little scary and that

is that all of what we do is going to

come to light at least in some sense it

seems that nothing will be hid so why

hide goodness now if you have goodness

that you’ve learned about or you have

accepted the gospel or you’re a good

member of the church but you kind of are

afraid to be that person in public or

you’re afraid of being shamed that’s as

I’ve found in my life one of the

number-one issues that is an influencer

in our lives we don’t realize it but

shame is a major major issue for our

behavior and what we’re willing and not

willing to do but you’re saying that

look everything is going to be known

anyway so let your light shine basically

Falls it up with this for or take

heed therefore how you here so how

you’re listening to these parables for

whosoever hath to him shall be given and

whosoever hath not from him shall be

taken even that which he seemeth to have

we talked a little bit about this before

the law of abundance basically so look

if I’ve received the gospel I need to

understand what I’ve got and then I need

to magnify that out more if I’m going to

receive the gospel and then hide away

like the light if we have the light and

we’re going to hide that light around

others then I’m going to receive even

less of that light and you can see that

in people’s lives if not in your own but

probably in your own probably in your

own life and you may have seen it among

family members and others that if they

act a little bit differently or maybe

they’re afraid to put themselves out

there with their covenants and their

connection with the spirit and I’ve done

that several times and so if you hide

that light then you’re going to receive

less light and you may need to be really

careful because that light

may completely extinguish it may be

completely gone

and so it’s removed from us and the

more we shine with that then the more

abundance there will be and so take the

step he’s saying I think go out there

put yourself out there be who you should

be and try and be true to what you sense

is true and you will receive it back

many times over I think that’s the

principle that he’s talking about here

so he’s saying look the gospel you have

the gospel magnify it and many many more

blessings will be returned to you I

think that is a great principle and I

think it’s something that is true and

that we can see it every single day of

our lives the law of abundance with ‘god

with regards to the gospel then we’re

going to go over to chapter 13 and here I’m

going to move down to the woman who is

crippled and she can’t stand up straight

and this is the Sabbath and Jesus is

teaching inside of a synagogue he’s in

the church and the ruler of the

synagogue is indignant he can’t believe

that Jesus would heal her on the Sabbath

he’s furious with it he says look there

are six days that we do labor and he

includes spiritual labor in that

apparently and on the seventh day the

Sabbath we maybe we can teach about

things and we read from the Torah the

Tanakh the whole of the Old Testament

the pro law and the prophets but you

know we don’t really act spiritually we

don’t do any spiritual acts and so Jesus

calls them out as hypocrites and talks

about you know the ox and the mire

basically that which of you would not

help out the Ox if it was stuck in the

mire on the Sabbath and yet here these

people he talks about the woman here’s a

daughter of Abraham who’s been crippled

why shouldn’t she be healed and loosed

from these bonds from this illness that

she’s had for eighteen years on the

Sabbath day and actually the rulers and

those around her kind of ashamed for

what they’ve been teaching it’s

interesting how people react when

truth hits him right in the face right

when it’s so easy I think for us to

follow a cultural norm that isn’t true

and here Jesus’ brings this right up and

they are ashamed so they recognize

immediately what someone else could have

done or taught at some point but here G

is Jesus doing it and they’re ashamed

because the truth is evident in what

he’s saying and so he heals the woman

and it says that all the people rejoiced

for all the glorious things that were

done by him so you can kind of see him

maybe what we’re done and said by him so

you can kind of see the people just like

yeah yeah you know what the truth we

want the truth you can imagine when

there is a society and that’s our

society any society throughout most of

the history of mankind that is starving

for the truth and it’s brought out and

it just if you can recognize it you can

it just feels so good feel so good and I

think that’s what they are really

excited about and rejoice rejoicing

about here or what Jesus is doing here

on the Sabbath and the words that he is

preaching to them you know I remember

not that long ago something that goes

right along with this I woke up one

Sunday morning and our backyard was just

completely flooded the pipe had broken

and it was going up the backyard and

going up and coming up starting to come

up into the house and the why it looked

like the water is going to keep running

down toward our house and perhaps flood

the house and get in and really damage

the house and so fortunately I caught it

when I did but it was still a little

precarious situation and so I turned the

water off and everybody else gets ready

for church and I get outside and I’ve

got a push broom

that’s the best thing I can find that I

can kind of move the most amount of

water the fastest and I start taking

this bush push broom and just trying to

get mean we’re talking about a lot of

water and my neighbor and my next-door

neighbor was a member of my ward and he

he came over he saw what was going on he

was completely dressed in his tie and he

said you know what I’ll be right back

and he goes back to his family he

instructs his family to go ahead and go

to church without him and they leave and

he comes back changed and with another

push broom and he spent the next hour or

two helping me with get the water pushed

out to the front and out of that

backyard and that to me is a great

example I really respect him for that

and you know he’s looking at hey it’s

Church I need to go to church right

church is a good thing to do you’re

going to go you’re going to worship the

Lord but wait a minute there’s a higher

law here and that higher law is you’re

going to the church is not made or the

church is made for you and you’re

not made for the church and he really

exemplified that principle and I was

really grateful for that and I think

people do that a lot I think that’s an

important thing to recognize that the

Sabbath and the church and these rules

are made for us ultimately we need to

think about that that it is about our

progression and if we keep our eye on

the ball and looking at helping others

and helping others progress above rules

and everything else I think that role

will be a little bit better off and so

Jesus goes on telling some of these

parables like in the last episode about

the kingdom of God and what they’re

likened unto again he’s defining

what the kingdom of God is because they

really don’t know so he’s defining what

the kingdom of God is and then once said

unto Him Lord are there few that be

saved so you know just like with the

seeds being scattered about and only

some and good ground

are there few that be saved this is what

Jesus response to him was strive to

enter in the at the straight gate that’s

a temple reference for many I say unto

you will seek to enter in and shall not

be able so again a straight gate being

something that’s narrow we can think

about getting through the veil as an

example as a very core example of what

that might mean that there are many

options out there and we can pick many

different gateways to go through but the

gate is straight STR AIT very narrow to

get through in other words there’s one

way and that’s it and so we adapt to

that and if we can’t adapt to that then

we can’t get through that straight and

narrow gate and he says that many shall

not be able to want to but they won’t be

able to get through what it reminds me

of here is the cherubim that are holding

people back from the Tree of Life

remember the Tree of Life is at the

center think of the Tree of Life is the

celestial room and it’s the destination

for us for the love of or the love of

God is and where we want to get to so

what’s holding us back from that it’s

justice justice holds us back from that

and the cherubim are those that are

going to try us let’s say how do I put

this they’re there they’re going to try

us in this mortality in our progression

and make sure that we are worthy to move

forward that’s the representation of the

the cherubim and the Seraphim and if you

think about it that happens to us all

the time both in bad places and in the

very very most sacred places so we are

tried to make sure that we are worthy to

move forward and progress spiritually

toward the Tree of Life and then he goes

over a little bit what we went over

previously about being

a certain lineage and then talking about

the Gentiles he doesn’t bring up their

word Gentiles here but he’s saying the

same thing this is from Matthew

previously that we talked about he just

says it a little bit differently here he

says that there will be weeping and

gnashing of teeth for those that don’t

get through the strait gate you shall

see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all

the prophets in the kingdom of God and

you yourself thrust out so if you’re not

following the straight gate he doesn’t

matter what your lineage is you’re not

going to be able to get through and then

he says this again he says and they

shall come from the east and from the

west and from the north and from the

south in other words not just here in in

Judea they’re going to come from all over

they are the Gentiles and they will sit

with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and

unless you change you won’t is what he’s

saying but he goes over again these four

four different directions here about

those that would be with Abraham and

other references to Abraham are about

getting to the to the bosom of Abraham

getting back to the bosom of Abraham and

like with Lazarus and this is an

interesting symbolism to me because I

see it think we see this in a few

different places I’ve talked about this

previously about the four rivers in the

Garden of Eden that go out with the word

of God and nourish all of the world the

four corners of the world so we can look

at it this way as a representation of

those four rivers in the Garden of Eden

that will go everywhere the other one

would be the canopic jars that we

see in fact simile number one in the

Book of Abraham and yes I do reference

the Book of Abraham every once in a

while I think we need to try and

mainstream it a little bit more there

are some incredible truths in there and

it seems odd to us but only because we

don’t delve into it enough and so I will

reference from time to time The Book of


both the scriptures and the fact similes

and try and get us a little bit more

familiar with that book of Scripture but

those forint for canopic jars that you

see underneath the lion couch in

facsimile number one Joseph Smith says


pretty much been verified that that is a

representation of the four corners of

the world so I would look at that like

that’s everybody that’s that in a way is

kind of a representation of the Gentiles

when you see those four jars there it’s

it’s saying not just the lineage of

Abraham who’s on the lion couch but

actually the Gentiles as well will be

adopted in to the family of Abraham and

into the Abrahamic covenant that is an

eternal family covenant I think that’s

what that’s referring to and that is

what Jesus is bringing back is the

Abrahamic covenant the fullness of the

gospel of the temple ordinances of the

Melchizedek Priesthood as he goes

through preaching here and establishing

his church I’ll talk to you next time

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