Come Follow Me LDS- Mar 25-31 Part 1, Matthew 14-15, Mark 6-7, John 5-6

‘Bed & Bath, Graves & Dancing’

– Jesus heals a man who carries his bed on the Sabbath

– Jesus will teach in the Spirit World

– Herodias’ daughter dances to get the head of John the Baptist


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Be Not Afraid” Part 1


all right in this episode we’re going to

talk about bed and bath a little dancing

and some grapes there we go alright

we’re going to start eating John chapter

five here’s how it opens up verse one

after this there was a feast of the Jews

and Jesus went up to Jerusalem it’s

interesting in the Gospel of John every

time Jesus is mentioned in Jerusalem

it’s during one of the feasts and here

he has him again it’s during Passover

now this has been a year since John

introduced Jesus in Jerusalem at the

Passover the previous year where he went

through the temple and cleansed it

remember using like a whip type movement

as you would in cleansing the temple

like the high priest would have done

with the sacrificial blood of the ox and

of the goat so he’s out kind of this is

a representation of him cleansing the

temple and being the high priest being

the Melchizedek if you will so John has

him here at Passover this is his second

Passover now in Jerusalem and he says

now there is at Jerusalem by the Sheep

market a pool which is called in the

Hebrew tongue Beth seda having five

porches in these lay a great multitude

of impotent folk of blind halt withered

waiting for the moving of the water so

if you can imagine perhaps something to

the effect of a spring and when the

spring comes up and there’s water

movement from the underground spring it

could very well be that it brought

numerous minerals that could have been

healing now we don’t know exactly what

this might have meant to people at the

time John actually says the following

that for an angel went down

certain season into the pool and

troubled the water whosoever then first

after the troubling of the water stepped

in was made whole of whatsoever disease

he had so at least the people here at

the time believed that this pool had

healing a healing effect on whoever was

that first got into the pool well if

you’re crippled and you need to be

healed and you’re sitting there waiting

near the pool to be healed and you can’t

walk or move very well and you have to

be the first person in after the

water moves you’re going to have trouble

getting in and making it happen so who

knows how long he’s been there or tried

this how many times he’s tried this but

the water moves and the man is never

able to get into the pool first to be

healed unless at least again what the

people here believed happened and you

know what it could be that the pool

had healing effects on those that were

in it it could have been some minerals

there or something that had healing

effects on people maybe for arthritis or

or who know inflammation of some sort

who knows in fact after the Romans

conquered Jerusalem or destroyed

Jerusalem in the temple the second time

you know 30 or 40 years later they put

in place kind of a shrine of healing

there as well to their own gods and so

it didn’t go away when the Jews left

right the Romans believed also that this

was a pool of healing and so Jesus

approaches the band down in verse six

and says when Jesus saw him lie and knew

that he had been now a long time in that

case he saith unto Him wilt thou be made

whole again isn’t it interesting that he

asks him he wants to know where his

heart is where his mind is he doesn’t

just go up and heal him he wants to know

he sees he’s in trouble he sees he needs

to be healed but he still stops before

healing him to ask him do you believe

that you can be made whole

that has to happen first before it seems

that always is the case before Jesus can

do any healing he wants to know if there

is belief there first so down in verse

eight he says to him rise take up thy

bed and walk well one big problem here

with this he does rise and he does take

up his bed but it’s the Sabbath and of

course you can’t carry anything on the

Sabbath that’s a big big no-no to the

Pharisees the Sadducees the scribes

everybody else there in that culture in

Jerusalem you just can’t do that

but he says go ahead and rise and of

course a man I mean he’s healed he picks

up his bed whatever that means and he

carries it with him and so the Jews say

to him what are you doing you can’t

carry that this is the Sabbath and he

says the man that healed me said rise

and take up thy bed and so I did

basically and he says who was the man

they said I don’t know well then Jesus

goes to the temple sees the man there at

the temple and talks to him and then the

man knows who it is and so then he tells

the Jews that it was Jesus that healed

him and told him to pick up his bed on

the Sabbath and so the Jews approached

Jesus and say you can’t do this on the

Sabbath how have you done this on the

Sabbath and they want to persecute him

they’re looking to kill him maybe stone

him at this time and Jesus’s response to

them is I basically I’m doing my

father’s work this is the father’s work

and this is what I am doing and so he is

saying I am the son of God I am equal to

the father to God and so then they

really want to kill him and then he

brings up a very important point he

talks to him about how he is the son and

that all of the judgment has been left

not by the father he’s not going to do the

judging but the son will do the judging

and he’s basically just outright telling

them who he is that he is Jehovah that

he is the son of God that he is the


and I think it’s very interesting as you

as you go through the New Testament

there is something really peculiar that

is missing with the thought of the

Messiah to the Jews and I know we talk a

lot about how they weren’t looking for a

spiritual Messiah and they were looking

for someone who would be like a King

David who would be a hero and a war

you know someone to free them from the

Romans and from all these other empires

that have ruled Jerusalem for forever it

seems but there’s something else that’s

really missing here that has been

removed from the theology of the Jews

where they don’t really understand

that Jehovah is the Messiah our sort

seems to me that has been removed that

it’s instead it’s going to be some prophet

or some war hero that is coming in

but the idea that Jehovah himself is

going to be the Messiah that he’s going

to come down to earth receive a body and

take on the sins of the world has

completely seems to completely have been

lost at least within Jerusalem and the

power structure within Jerusalem this

theology is it seems completely gone

now as he travels around different areas

in Galilee and in other areas around

these other provinces it seems that

those people are looking for me remember

the woman at the well she was looking

for the Messiah and here the man coming

at the well and talking to her is

certainly no war hero figure that she’s

looking for

and so this tradition again that when

you go back in time to the time of Lehi

and Jeremiah when the Babylonians

destroyed Jerusalem about 600 BC it’s

587 BC there had already been a complete

loss of cry

at this point on what that meant what

the Messiah really meant at that time

that’s why Lehi goes off and preaches

about Christ that’s what they wanted to

kill him for in Jerusalem because he’s

preaching about Christ it’s not just

because he’s preaching against the

iniquities that are there it is the

theology the people in Jerusalem see

Lehi as a blasphemer because he is

preaching about Christ coming down to

earth that Jehovah their God is going to

be born to a woman and take on the

sins of the world that’s the problem

and so that thought still existed with

Lehi he learned it from someone Jeremiah

believed it and so you have all of these

groups of people that were probably

scattered to the outskirts into the

deserts that still carried on this type

of tradition about Jehovah being born

and coming down as the savior of the


and that probably trickled down into

several of these areas that that existed

in Palestine at the time that Jesus met

up with so there are different concepts

of what the Messiah is at this time it’s

not what we think of the Jews and that’s

everybody but that’s not the case there

are different sets of the Jews now

there’s a certain stronger theology in

what John calls Jewry in the area of

jewelry that has one thought and they

have the power structure with the

Sadducees and the Pharisees and

whatnot and they have different beliefs

but there there’s a power structure

there without theology and then outside

of that into the deserts and Galilee and

other places there could be different

traditions of who the Messiah is but

here in Jerusalem it seems like they’re

really off base on what their idea of

what of what the Messiah isn’t so that’s

kind of the environment that Jesus comes

into when he comes into Jerusalem

is is I am the Son of God I am the

Messiah and then of course that has a

lot of other implications to them about

the Messiah they know about these other

traditions in the deserts and the other

provinces they know about the Messiah

being the king and they don’t want to

lose their power either so there’s a lot

of different threads of threat threads

of threat that are going on here and a

lot of what they would consider

blasphemy about the preaching of the Son

of God and who he is

and of who the Messiah is and so Jesus

goes on here and on and on about who he

is and how he is the son of God and

he says then he says down here Marvel

not at this for the hour is coming this

is verse 28 Marvel not at this for the

hour is coming in the which all that are

in the graves shall hear his voice that

is really powerful to me the graves all

that are dead will hear his voice why do

they need to hear his voice what would

that why would that matter now you look

at most of Christianity today even today

and what their belief system is based on

is if you don’t accept Christ in this

life then you do not have the same

afterlife you don’t have the same reward

and here Jesus right here is saying that

the those that have already passed away

will hear the voice you will hear my

voice in other words they’re going to

hear the gospel and they’re going to have a

chance at responding to it and of course

then there’s later on the temple work

and all the work that’s done by proxy

for these individuals and that’s the

doctrine that we have in the church

today here Jesus is saying it very

simply why would we care why would

anybody care about those that are

already dead if they didn’t hear about

the gospel they didn’t have

chants the fullness of the gospel and

it’s because they will have the chance

and Jesus is stating that right here

then in verse 29 he says they shall hear

his voice and shall come forth they that

have done good and to the resurrection

of life and they that have done evil

unto the resurrection of damnation this

verse right here

verse 29 in John 5 is what triggered

Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon to go

pray and to receive the revelation in

verse or in section 76 so that’s the

revelation of the three kingdoms and of

heaven and a description of all that you

should go read that it’s very

interesting if you haven’t read it for

awhile go look at the symbolism of what

they see and compare that to other

revelations or what we would call

apocalyptic visions of for example John

in the book of Revelation or that Daniel

has it’s very interesting to see what

they what they end up seeing in this

vision because it’s all symbolism it’s

all a symbolism of the heavens and God

etc and then toward the end of John five

he kind of condemns them a little bit

and he says let’s look this is who I’ve

said I am I’m the one also which is

there must have been a tradition there

also that there’s someone who was going

to be speaking to the dead about the

gospel and that was going to be Jesus

Christ and so he’s again giving a

witness of himself of who he is but he

says in verse 37 here and the father

himself which hath sent me hath borne

witness of me he have neither heard his

voice at any time nor seen his shape and

then down in verse 39 searched the

Scriptures for in them you think he have

eternal life and they are they which

testify of me so he is saying here again

to them I am Jehovah

I am the God that you pray to

right I am the God of the Old Testament

and Here I am in the flesh and also that

all of the prophets you search the

Scriptures you think you have eternal

life in these well these scriptures

testify of me all of the prophets have

testified of the coming of the Messiah

even though what you understand now as

what the Messiah is is maybe very very

different search them search the

Scriptures because they all testify of

the Messiah coming down and being born

of a woman and then continuing on he

says in verse 40 and you will not come

to me that you might have life eternal

life I receive not honor from men and

here in verse 40 42 but I know you that

ye have not the love of God in you to me

I go back and again I think about faith

hope and charity and being that’s the

love of God would be charity the pure

love of Christ right would be charity

and they don’t have that because they

don’t have an understanding of what

Christ is that the God that they worship

is actually the God that will suffer and

that will take on all the sins of the

world and lower himself below everyone

and take on all of the burdens right all

of the burdens of the world because why

because that is what love is that is the

love of God and so they obviously do not

understand that there’s no way you could

have a greater love of anything than

what Jesus shows in the atonement and so

he’s saying you don’t have the love of

God in you you don’t understand what is

going on here you don’t understand Who I

am and what the Messiah is and

represents and what he is going to do

and then he lays this on them remember

that they have lowered

Christ or the Messiah too little or

nothing in their theology at least what

we think of as a messiah in Christianity

but they have raised Moses right Moses

is the pinnacle he’s everything and of

course that’s why the law of Moses is

everything plus everything else that

they keep on top of the law of Moses to

try and create these laws and control

over the people but this is what Jesus

says he says do not think that I will

accuse you to the Father

there is one that accuse with you even

Moses in whom he trusts so yeah that’s

that’s the confirmation there what I’ve

been telling you right this is Moses now

Trust is the same thing as faith who do

they have faith in they don’t have a

looking forward to the atonement of the

Messiah seems to me right they have

their trust in Moses he’s saying this is

the contrast between me and Moses you

have faith in Moses and not in the

Messiah that will take on your sins and

save you he says in whom he trusts for

Haji believed Moses you would have

believed me for he wrote of me so in

other words Moses prophesied of Christ

of the Messiah and in fact he acted a

little bit like him on taman sinai it

was a representation of the messiah

as he tried to atone for Israel on mount

sinai and he prophesied about the cry

about the prophet that would be coming

about Christ probably a lot more than

what we have in the Old Testament now

but here the Jews in Jerusalem have put

Moses at the pinnacle and Jesus is

saying you don’t believe Moses you think

you have your trust in him your faith is

all in Moses but you don’t believe him

because he prophesied of me and so

therefore you’re not going to believe me


because you don’t even believe Moses who

you trusted in and he finishes off

saying but if he believed not his

writings how shall ye believe my words

so he’s bringing all of this together

he’s see again that separation that the

Jews have of what the Messiah is and who

he is he’s trying to bring that together

bringing it back with Moses Nephi has to

do the same thing with Laman and Lemuel

same issue

Moses is at the pinnacle at the time of

Lehi Laman and Lemuel have fallen prey

to that theology more than likely

and so Nephi has to use Moses to high

kind of preach to Laman and Lemuel so

that they can have a little more trust

in what Nephi is saying because that’s

where their hearts are that’s where

their trust is is in Moses okay and then

we’re going to move over to mark we don’t

read from him as often but we’re going to

go to mark chapter 6 here and here I

want to talk about John the Baptist and

what happens to him where he gives his

life basically as a testimony to the

gospel and to Jesus Christ here remember

he had come to Herod and Herodias her

Herod’s wife and said what you have done

here is not lawful because Herod had

married his brother’s wife taking his

brother’s wife for his own and so he’s

saying this is adulteress you’re in an

adulterous relationship this is against

what God wants and he calls them out on

it well Herod’s wife Herodias is she’s

furious she’s livid about this whole

thing she doesn’t want to be told what

to do some guy preaching in in the

desert worrying camel-hair right he

doesn’t want to be told that she doesn’t

to be told this she’s very upset about

it and so she designs a plan and during

a feast that Herod is having her odious

has her daughter and has her come out

and dance for Herod and this by the way

is something that was done all the time

a common thing in fact we read about it

in the book of ether whether it’s the

same kind of thing it’s actually used in

the same way as a manipulation with the

king to get something so when we see

these parallels we see these things we

understand that these are these are

customs these are perhaps even rituals

sometimes that we’re reading about from

their cultures and so this is a normal

thing to happen and so Herodias has

daughter dances pleases Herod and Herod

says look whatever you want up to the

half of my kingdom I will give it to you

so this is probably a common statement

that would be put out there in other

words he’s saying I want to give you a

gift what gift can I give you and the

issue is here is that he’s bound by it

he seems to be completely bound by

whatever she’s want as she wants from

this and so she says I want the head of

John the Baptist who’s down in Herod’s

prison and I want you to bring me that

head and so Herod is very afraid to do

this he has a little bit of belief in in

John the Baptist he does not want to do

this but he knows his wife is livid with

him and he also everyone who has heard

him say this around him he is bound by

this oath that takes place here in this

kind of an event to follow through on

whatever it is that she asks for and so

he does it and sends a man right down

right then they behead John the Baptist

they bring his head up basically on a

saucer on a plate they call it a charger

– the daughter of Herodias and so

Herodias gets what she wants she is very

mad at John the Baptist she can’t kill


but she knows a way to get it done and

so she does and she executes her plan to

perfection and John the Baptist dies as

a martyr preaching the gospel of Jesus


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