Come Follow Me LDS- Acts 16-21 (Jul 22-28)

‘Reason & Strange Things’

– Paul’s 2nd Mission

– Paul reasons in the synagogues

– Paul contends with philosophers

– Paul teaches ‘Strange Things’


‘The Lord Has Called Us for to Preach the Gospel’

Come Follow Me for Individuals and Families

LDS, Mormon, Latter-Day-Saints


  1. I thoroughly enjoy your work. I use it to help my understanding and teach the inmates at Washington County Purgatory. I use Come Follow Me lesson, your podcasts, Don’t Miss This, and Thomas Wayments “New Testament for Latter-day Saints.”

    • Glad to hear! Interesting name for a correctional facility (Purgatory). I have a question for you, what do you see as the differences between this podcast and ‘Don’t Miss This’?

      Also, love Wayment’s translation.

      • No offense to ‘Don’t Miss This”, but while they have nice stories that apply scriptural principles, right now what I’m looking for is doctrine, context, history. Your podcast is my #1 and next is Gospel Talktrine. I also occasionally listen to CFM For Us when I want something lighter and feel-good.

        • Thanks for the feedback. I’ve purposefully never watched or listened to other channels just because I want to be sure I am doing my own thing. And ‘doctrine, context and history’ are the drivers here, along with a faith-promoting experience of course. Faith-promoting as in truth, not fluff. Thanks again!

  2. You’re an answer to a prayer. Thank you! I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time.

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