Come Follow Me LDS- Jacob 1-4 (Mar 9-15)

‘Jacob & Repentance’

–  Jacob outlines Doctrine of Christ

–  Calls men to repentance for greed & law of chastity

–  The blessing and inequality of gain and its disruption

–  Polygamy

–  Jacob tees up the Allegory of the Olive Trees 


Come Follow Me for Individuals and Families 

LDS Mormon


  1. So about D&C 132. What I understood from this subject is that the Lord had given David and Solomon the wives and combines – meaning he selected them through the prophets (D&C 132:38). And that with time, both went after women on their own, and that was abominable in the sight of the Lord. David after Bathsheeba (spell?) and Solomon after political marriage alliances and etc.

    • This is true and very possibly the disconnect and the reasoning. And that is what most B of M scholars say. But reading the references in Jacob 2 & 3 are confusing. The language does not match up with this. We went over this in our Cwic Study Group but couldn’t come up with anything additional.

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