Cwic Show- Coronavirus Hospital Capacity

‘Dr. Kenny Bramwell’

–  What happens when hospital staff get infected?

–  Are US hospitals ready for Coronavirus?

–  How many people will be infected in the US?

–  How strict should we be with our quarantines?

–  What about Anti-Vaccers? 




  1. Your video clip on YouTube show’s it was removed. Sky News, a British telecast is live via YouTube communicating what Dr. Bramwell is confirming in Italy and now Spain Apparently, England is next in line due to the obstinance of many of its citizens. The internet is filled with real time news from everywhere.. Asia/CNA, Global News/Canada, DW/Germany, SCMP/Hong Kong and much more. Global perspective’s are helpful. Dr Sylvia Bignamini give’s her experience in Bergamo, it’s sobering

    • Thanks for your comment. I found a deadspot in the video of 1 minute. I edited in the middle of the night and didn’t catch it. So made the change and re-uploaded the video. Thanks again for the reference link. I’m watching it now.

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