Cwic Show

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A new, no ‘fluff’ podcast with faith-based values and a broad spectrum of guests!

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Our Approach

Cwic is built for you! This show is about real people with real stories. We stick to specific values, but don’t get caught up in ‘fluff’, or a buttoned-down approach to delivering relevant content. We seek to fill a void of practical, realistic conversations within a faith-based framework. Our goal is to gain a broader reach than the existing ‘bubble’ of shows currently available within the market.

Our Story

The host, Greg Matsen, is a Financial Planner in Arizona, who grew up in Orange County, CA. He has also done various voice talent jobs including radio, stage and advertising, and currently has another faith-based podcast called, Cwic Media.

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Our Guests

Guests range from undercover narcotics cops, to best-selling LDS authors. From successful entrepreneurs to scholars, and philosophers to interfaith leaders. We will tackle difficult subjects, current events, politics, social currents and religion. No agenda and no ‘fluff’.